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Sensei Kawada

 Sensei Kawada is a distinguished teacher of Oriental medicinal knowledge and its history. He is one of the most experienced Japanese teachers in Europe. His additional interests include the I-Ching and 9-star-ki, which he correlates with Shiatsu.

Through his practical experience, he discovered the connection between the twelve main meridians and the eight Curious Vessels. Based on this, he developed eight Do-In exercises for stretching the Curious Vessels. His experiments with these meridians are remarkably effective.

Yuichi Kawada is founder and director of Yoseido Shiatsu, the three-year vocational education in Shiatsu Therapy in Belgium. In 2002 his book was published, “Essential Shiatsu”, which treats the eight Curious vessels. In June 2008 the book was published in German, French and Russian. Since 1998 Yuichi Kawada has been teaching level 4 at the NSKS.

The year with Sensei Kawada is now also accredited as postgraduate education for Shiatsu therapists, acupuncturists and TCM students and therapists. It is considered a valuable and important addition to the history and depth of effective diagnostics and treatment. Participants are initiated into knowledge and practice not found in other European education.

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