fully accredited professional shiatsu therapist diploma course and post graduate seminars

Professional associations

What you should know about higher professional education (H.B.O level). Read more>>

The N.S.K.S. has been accredited as a professional and postgraduate training institute by a number of professional associations that represent -among others- the interests of shiatsu therapists. These organisations are K.T.N.O, (which has accredited the diploma course and post graduate courses as H.B.O (Hoger Beroepsonderwijs = Higher Professional Education in the Netherlands) B.A.T.C., N.V.S.T., LVNG, VBAG and N.W.P. Students can decide for themselves which association they would like to join.

Zhong TCM

The Zhong is the Dutch association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a national professional association for TCM therapists covering all areas of TCM. The postgraduate education is accredited entirely by the Zhong.


As of September 8th 2011 the Do In Teacher Full Diploma Education has also been accredited by the Zhong TCM.

KTNO stands for the Dutch words Kwaliteit Toetsing Natuurgerichte Opleidingen which can be translated as Quality and Testing of Nature-oriented Educations. Their website is only available in Dutch, but can perhaps be read using Google Translator. Their website can be found here. Our school has been accredited by the KTNO as a higher vocational education (HBO in the Netherlands). The different post-graduate seminars have also been accredited as such on that level. The page displaying the information on our school can be found here.
The B.A.T.C. employs five principles of natural medicine. Upon subscription, students will receive forms to indicate how their activities and studies are organsied by these five principles. Becasue the N.S.K.S. has been accredited and certified by the BATC, students from our school do not need to fill in these foms anymore. Referring to the N.S.K.S. suffices.

Students can already join the BATC after passing the exam of the third level. This will enable qualifying for coverage form health insurances. Of course, at the same time, students are expected to pass the fourth level, and to obtain their degree in medical basic knowledge. The latter degree is not offered by the BATC, although a list of certified institutes that do offer this training, is given.

The policy and internal orgnisation of the B.A.T.C. is still subject to changes. We will inform you as soon as possible, should any changes occur that impact Shiatsu therapists. Their website can be found at http://www.batc.nl/ (also only in Dutch).


The N.V.S.T. offers Medical Basic Knowledge (higeher vocational level). Joining N.V.S.T. enables taking the exam through them. Donating memebers receive an invitation to the exam annually. More information can be found on their website, which is only available in Dutch: http://www.nvst.nl/. Translate with Google


The NWP is a professional association for practitioners of natural medicine. The NWP has accredited the postgraduate training of the N.S.K.S.. Their website can be found at: http://www.nwp-natuurgeneeskunde.nl/ (also only in Dutch). Translate with Google

Post-graduate education

Post-graduate education is mandatory for registered and licensed therapists in order to renew the license annually. The NSKS offers the following seminars as postgraduate education:

Oriental Diagnosis Seminars

Moxa Seminar

Seminar Macrobiotic Cooking with Kyoko Onishi

Meridians Seminar

Transformational Seminar at Lunteren

Do-In Seminar for Women

Inspiration and Training Day for Do-In Teachers


Upcoming Events