fully accredited professional shiatsu therapist diploma course and post graduate seminars

Postgraduate education

The NSKS received accreditation for both the vocational education and the seminars that are part of the trajectory of becoming a full-fledged shiatsu therapist. The professional organisation called KTNO and the Zhong T.C.M have fully accredited these trainings as higher vocational education.

These seminars and classes are also open to graduated shiatsu therapists as well as students, teachers, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and bodywork students and professionals seeking post-education to sustain their development as professionals. 

Download or View PDF for an overview of postgraduate options.

Therapists and students with knowledge of meridians and principles of Oriental medicine, are welcome to participate in the various parts of the education, including the 4th Level with Sensei KawadaBoth Dutch and English are used in these seminars. More information can be found here FULL DIPLOMA EDUCATION and here ACCREDITED SEMINARS. For information on prices and dates please follow these links DATES & PRICES.

Please contact the secretariat (see CONTACT & LOCATION) for further information and for information on prices when introducing or inviting a colleague or friend to enrol with you. 


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