fully accredited professional shiatsu therapist diploma course and post graduate seminars

Our Team


Alan Nash (Director) - Has two Japanese Diplomas and medically qualified- 38 years
Teaches fundamental and advanced diagnosis and coaches students at the school diagnosis
in the third year of the diploma course. All diagnosis seminars through the year which are required in the diploma course where students and therapists bring volunteer clients. To learn diagnostic approach "live" with clients who actually have problems and are being treated by the students and therapists is the most practical and inspiring way to learn how to be an effective therapist. Members of all levels of the diploma course may attend. The diagnostic seminars are all accredited as required extra post graduate schooling and carry the required ECT points for the HBO (Higher Technical Education).

 Working experience - international lecturer and demonstrator - see his profile on Linkedin

http://www.linkedin.com/in/classicalshiatsu. He has treated and taught around 40,000 people.
Owner of the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu in the Hague - the Netherlands.

Anushka Hofman - Japanese Diploma - Qualified registered therapist and teacher of the first year of the
diploma course.Director and head teacher at the Dutch School for Do-In. She is our residential Do-In expert and founder of Do-In in the Netherlands. 
She has a working experience of more than 20 years. Her Do-In diploma course is accredited as Post Graduate education by the Zhong association and the KTNO in the Netherlands.

Yuichi Kawada sensei. The most experienced professional therapist and teacher in Europe. He is fully qualified by three Japanese schools and has almost 50 years of working experience. He is our residential teacher of the fourth and last year of the diploma course and teaches the 8 "curious", or "extra" meridians. 

Manon Smits - Is a qualified Shiatsu therapist who has full diplomas from the Qing Bai academy school and the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu (Do-In teacher qualified by Anushka Hofman) where she works as one of the teachers of the second year of the diploma course in which the 12 principal meridians are learned and perceived.

Dong Zhang - is a fully and highly qualified therapist who graduated at the Dutch School for classical shiatsu and also qualified as Do-In teacher from the same school where she is guest teacher for the Dutch School for Do-In. Dong is Chinese and speaks Dutch and English perfectly. She has given Alan Nash the title of Shifu (compassionate teacher), which denotes great loyalty and respect. She works as one of the teachers of the second year of the diploma course in which the 12 principal meridians are learned and perceived.

  • The Monday evening exercise and shiatsu practice program will be announced here shortly.
  • The ladies who run our office are the unseen important people who maintain the engine that runs the school administration and are themselves on the diploma course.
  • The numerous assistants who are mostly qualified therapists who also have their Japanese diplomas.


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