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Be welcome at 11 am for a day filled with warmth, learning and  hands -on experience with Professional Japanese classical Shiatsu and Do-In on Sunday 26th of August, 2018.

Sunday 26th of August, 2018 the N.S.K.S. will open its doors to everyone interested in Shiatsu Therapy and Oriental medicine. You are welcome to join the programme listed below as you like. Further down, the programme is explained in more detail. Be welcomed warmly.

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Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 197 - 199 Den Haag. 

For more information, please contact the secretariat at 00-31 (0) 70 - 383 1500
(Open Tuesday through Thursday, 10:30-17:00).

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

See the flier and download it here

Open Day flier in Japanese here

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People who sign in for a course with us and are present at the open day will receive a loyalty/interest discount - especially for the diploma course and if you bring a person with you who is new to the school, both of you will will receive a discount of €.100,-


Doors open                                              11.00

Open Do-In Class                                    11.30 - 12.30

Break                                                       12.30 - 13.00  Sign in for discounted courses

Introduction - demonstration Shiatsu       13.00 - 14.00

Break                                                       14.00 - 14.30  Sign in for discounted courses

Open Shiatsu free lesson for visitors       14.30 - 15.30

Break                                                       15.30 - 16.00 Sign in for discounted courses

Free treatment                                          16.00 - 17.00  with teachers, therapists and students

End                                                            17.00

Open Do-In class

This class is taught by Anushka Hofman, teacher of Level 1 of the vocational education. Anushka is one of the most experienced Do-In teachers in Europe. In this open class she will introduce you to the principles of Do-In. Everybody, young and old, fit or not, can participate. Make sure to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, that will not hamper stretching.

Shiatsu demonstration

The Shiatsu demonstration is given by experienced students of the school and presented by the director of the School, Alan Nash. He has over 30 years of experience with Shiatsu. During the demonstration he will explain the workings and strength of Shiatsu. Anyone interested in the healing traditions of Oriental cultures will not want to miss out on this. 

Shiatsu lesson

The free shiatsu lesson for our visitors will be directed by alan nash where people will be able to experience a basic exercise in giving shiatsu to students and teachers so that they can be helped and corrected as well as feel what it is like for themselves. A wonderfully alive way of finding out what you can really do and feel implicitly what they are doing.

Free treatment and diagnosis

Visitors can obtain a free treatment from experienced (some graduated) students of the school. In addition, a free diagnosis can be obtained from Alan Nash. He will also give explanations of the effects occurring during treatments.


During breaks students and teachers of the school are available for questions. In the information room, assistants of the school will be happy to answer questions regarding the vocational education, seminars and courses where you can sign up for discounted courses. Tea and coffee are available during breaks.


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