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master Kawada has been filmed for Belgian television and a documentary has been released .

Here is the Link to buy the DVD documentary which has English subtitles. You look at the trailer here 

He teaches in English and exclusively for and at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu in the Netherlands.

His new course starts on the 31st of July 2018

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Video October 2017 - Shiatsu technique 1st and 3rd year students

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New Level 1 of accredited Shiatsu Therapist diploma course

The New 1st year group begins Saturday 30th of September 2017 at 10 am

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VBAG post graduate and extra schooling accreditation

The professional therapists association, the VBAG (Dutch) has accredited all our professional extra and post graduate training at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu. See www.vbag.nl and use Google to translate if necessary. 

Paul Lundberg - Shiatsu teacher

Paul Lundberg is a well known and professional Shiatsu teacher and practioner as well as a popular and knowledgable writer. He visits China and Japan and was one of the founding members of the largest national Shiatsu organisations in the U.K.

We are planning to bring him to the Netherlands (which he has never visited although the popular Dutch translations of his books have been a great help to students in the Netherlands and Dutch speaking Belgium.

He has very kindly written a message of inspiration and encouragement to all the students at our school - although his words are worthy of any shiatsu person's attention. Here is the link read his message - klik hier

5 April 2013 - Keeping up with international standards

Keeping up with international standards for the namimg and locations of points (Tsubos). Students will no longer have to learn the names of points on any of the meridians in another language than their own language.

They will be required to name points according to the internationally accepted point naming and numbering system and therefore will not lose points in examinations for not knowing the names of points in Oriental languages. Although, the Oriental names may be used by teachers to increase the knowledge and understanding of the original meanings to give a fuller and more interesting picture of the points and their relationships. Students everywhere will find this news a barrier breaker when communicating with other students and therapists from different countries and this can be seen as a step forward, especially in Europe where the languages across Europe have the disadvantage of having many languages to cope with as opposed to a sub continent like America which has a unified national language. Students and therapists who have language difficulties can now deepen their understanding with their own enthusiasm with the many translated publications for their own satisfaction and interest at their own pace. In the end, a good school would like to train good therapists to help people first, without having to be linguistic geniuses.

8 February 2013 - Full accreditation by the NVST 

More good news! Must be the beginning of the Snake year (study further online - Chinese astrology is interesting once you get into the I-Ching and hexagrams).

Our "shiatsu full diploma course H.B.O. opleiding" is now fully accredited by the NVST until 2018. They had already recommended us around the end of the last century for our post graduate (bijscholing) courses. This is great news for the many therapists who already joined the institute (beroeps organisatie) many years ago and we look forward to more support for those therapists - also in the form of master classes with us.

Thank you NVST for your accreditation and your hard work with your successful recent reorganisation and may our therapists and students enjoy their new status. 

November 2012 - article about Japanese master Y. Kawada 

November 2011 - More accreditations


The postgraduate education and the special weekends seminars with Master Kawadasensei is now also fully accredited by the Zhong- the professional association for Traditional Chinese Medicine therapists.


As of September 8th 2011 the Do In Teacher Full Diploma Education has also been accredited by the Zhong TCM.

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June 2011 - Radio interview with Alan Nash

Interview with Alan Nash on Dutch Radio (Radio 5- Buddhist station: De zevende hemel) between 3 and 4 pm. To view the website of this Buddhist broadcasting foundation, pleasefollow this link.

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