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Do-In (Teacher) - Full Diploma (accredited by the KTNO, NVST, Zhong T.C.M. assc.)

What is DO-IN?

Do-In is an ancient art of movement which originated in China around 500 BC. This art was taken up and further developed by the Japanese. It was developed to help prevent diseases and detox the body. It is based on views from traditional Oriental medicine. Do-In is also used in dojos of martial arts. There, the knowledge of meridians, acupuncture points and Ki (Chi) is used to eliminate the enemy. Until recently this knowledge was secret and passing it on strictly prohibited. The tradition of Do-In carries another secret; it helps to rejuvenate and lengthen life.

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Shiatsu & Do-In

Shiatsu and Do-In are an inseparable duo. Do-In, which translated literally means "the way in", forms the foundation of every Shiatsu therapist. Traditional Shiatsu schools such as the N.S.K.S. will never educate students without passing on the knowledge and art of Do-In. The reason for this is that Do-In helps you to feel the Ki in your meridians, to feel the imbalance in the distribution and flow of Ki and to maintain good health. After all, if you cannot do and feel this for yourself, how can you help others? Therefore, Do-In is an integral part of all the courses, weekends and seminars at the N.S.K.S.. Often Do-In is integrated into a Shiastu treatment as well by giving clients Do-In exercises to do at home.

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DO-IN accredited diploma course

Anushka Hofman teaches the full diploma track to become a qualified and certified Do-In teacher. After successfully passing the  first year exam, the full diploma course  of the second year will result in qualification as a Do-In teacher, professional registration at the NSKS.

When you love teaching people how to feel better, fitter, and happier, and how to deal with stress, then this is just the profession for you!

For more information, about the content of this diploma course please contact Anushka Hofman:

Full Schedule 2018-19 here English Dutch

For a list of graduated and qualified Do In teachers click here.

[email protected] or Tel nr. 070- 347 01 88

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Effect of DO-IN

Many people do not realise the effect of their mental activities on their body and health. Practicing Do-In counterbalances the negative effects of these. Do-In improves mental and physical stability and makes sure the organs are not over-used.

The various postures and movements stretch the meridians and help bring body, breathing and mind together in a unified whole. This enables the body to dissolve blockages, store energy, and help the circulation of fluids, ki and invaluable nutrients throughout the entire body.

Do-In has proven valuable for countless people with a proven positive effect on:

  • breathing
  • metabolism
  • digestion
  • muscles
  • the endocrine and immune system

Hito (human) is a Japanese symbol for supporting each other, with the feet in supporting earth. Anushka Hofman who teaches Do-In as well as Shiatsu, is also an artist and makes statues of clay picturing Do-In postures, and Hito. Below is shown a picture of a statue depicting a Do-In partner exercise.

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DO-IN for women

Do-In Women is a form of Do-In specifically designed for women and possible female problems. Specific attention is given to the pelvic floor, the three sphincters and the endocrine glands. Exercises are done to learn to move from the "hara" and to build op strenght and energy there, which will have healing and energizing effects. 

This seminar is especially recommended in case of the following complaints:

- Low energy
- Problems related to the menstrual cylce
- Pregnancy (complaints)
- Cold/painful belly and lower back
- Menopause (complaints)
- Cramps or weakening of the muscles of the pelvic floor
- Moodshifts
- Weak sexual energy

These seminars for women are organised by Anushka Hofman, and are very mild and relaxing, full of joy and women's secrets. Knowledge is shared that is invaluable to the health and happiness of every woman.

Download Latest Schedule here (in Dutch but easy to follow)

Dates and costs
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Practicing DO-IN

Do-In can be practiced by everyone (young or old, fit or not), everywhere, and does not have to take too much of your time. Just 15 minutes a day is sufficient to improve your posture, relax your muscles, deepen your breathing and improve your immune system. You will also feel more stable mentally and be less influenced by stress.

Do-In consists of the following:

  • Warming-up exercises
  • Meridian stretchings 
  • Concentration and - meditation exercises to build up Ki (life energy)
  • Harmonising breathing
  • Do-In Ankyo: massagetechniques performed on yourself or a partner

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